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Offset printed brochures up to 12"x18"

Brochure Printing

Our full color brochures are professionally printed for your marketing needs. Depending on the quantity and/or turnaround required, your brochures will print either digitally or traditional offset.

Offset printing is especially suited for larger quantities because of the faster printing speeds and economies of scale. However, the printing plates and make-ready costs make it unattractive on smaller quantities compared to digital printing.

This product is for offset printed brochures.

If you're in a hurry for your order, you can check out our digitally printed brochures, or contact us to discuss your specifc needs and we'll look at our offset press schedule and talk about potentional rush charges that might be necessary.


• Choose your flat/open on the right. The default is 11"x17". If you need a different flat size than what you're seeing as an option, contact us for a custom quote.


• 100 lb. gloss text (premium brochure weight)
• 80 lb. gloss text


• Printed B&W both sides
• Printed full color on both sides (4/4)


• 3-5+ business days depending on the quantity.


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