Celebrating 25 years in business

About Us

Ace Printing, Inc. was started over 25 years ago in Ogden, Utah at the base of the Rocky Mountains. We've been on-line since 1996. We were one of the early pioneers, if not the first, to sell full color business cards on-line. It was our leading product for many years. 

Why are we called "Ace" Printing? When the company started in 1995, it was originally called Milne Printing, after the owner's family name. Many years earlier, when the owner was young, his neighbor used to call him "Ace". Then, within a year after starting the printing business, Yahoo's business directory came out, and all companies were listed in alphabetical order, including those in the "printers" category. So, he thought maybe it was time for a name change that would help move the business up to the top of the listing, and "Ace Business Cards" was born. Because full color business card printing became such a large part of our business, we registered for our first domain www.acebusinesscards.com on Nov. 17, 1997 to make the name we had been using on our website more official. Shortly after that in June 1999, we also started doing business as Ace Postcards and registered the domain www.acepostcards.com. Because we were so much more than a full color business card and postcard printer, we needed our internet presence and official company name to represent us a general commercial printer - which is why in May 2000 we incorporated as Ace Printing, Inc. and registered the aceprinting.net domain in Jan 2001.

We specialize in delivering quality, full color print collateral to businesses in several sectors including financial, insurance, education, government, and print resellers. 

Our goal as a business is to always exceed our customer's expectations. Ace Printing is committed to making it easier for you to order print. So contact us today to discuss your specific needs.