Submitting files, and disks for printing.

Use an order form to submit your order specifications. Electronic files should be sent after the order form has been submitted.

Obviously, the speed at which you get us your files and at which you give us the final go ahead after receiving your proof has a direct influence on how fast your order will get printed. We suggest, therefore, that you use our file transfer page. We do, of course, accept files on disk.

For a free 15 minute technical review of a file or a quote, click here.

Take note as to the size of the files you are sending us. For example, no individual full color business card should have a compressed file which is larger than 6 MB. If your file is strangely large, it needs to be examined as it is probably not set up correctly. Read the directions given on this website for setting up files.

If your combined files are bigger than 100 MB because of multiple orders, you must mail us a disk.

For detailed instructions on preparing your files for submission, click here.
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Instructions for mailing a disk

Disks will be returned upon request at an additional cost because of extra packaging that may be required.
We will not be held liable for damaged or lost artwork or disks. We accept Zip and CD's.

Mail the disk to:
Ace Printing, Inc.

3360 S. 1500 W.

Ogden, UT 84401