QuarkXPress instructions

A blank template for a 4-color business cards is available for download

  • We accept files from QuarkXPress up to version 9.5.
  • Create a new document with the dimensions of the final page size.
  • For multiple sets of business cards or postcards, use only one document and place each set on a different page.
  • If you have bleeds, extend them beyond the edge of the page by at least 1/8".
  • Use CMYK process colors instead of RGB or spot.
  • For larger black areas, set the color for the black as follows: C=40%, M=40%, Y=20%, K=100%. You can label the color "support black" if you want.
  • Export a PDF using "Press" PDF presets.
  • Proof your PDF in Acrobat before uploading to our site.
Click here for very important notes on color