Photoshop instructions

Blank templates for 4-color business cards are now available for download

  • We accept all Adobe Photoshop files from both PC and Mac (some of these instructions may apply only to older versions.)
  • Vector based text is available in version 6 and newer, so take advantage of it and set up your file correctly to maintain the vector properties. Black text should be built using C=0%, M=0%, Y=0%, K=100%.
  • set resolution to 300 ppi
  • set color mode to CMYK
  • set page size plus any bleeds (1/8") correctly
  • keep layers un-flattened and text in layers un-rendered
  • check all black text to make sure it is 100% black with no other support colors.
  • save as Photoshop PDF
  • include layers
  • PDF preset should be "press quality"
  • If you use a black background, set the color for the black as follows: C=40%, M=40%, Y=20%, K=100%.
  • If you're creating a business card with bleeds in Photoshop, you need to begin your new file with the following settings: (follow similar procedures and resolutions for most files created in Photoshop)

  • Then pull your guides out from your rules to form the following template.


  • Small colored text is not recommended regardless of the program, because any text that is colored contains "tints" if the color is not a 100% tint of one of the CMYK colors. Mis-registration between process colors, usually handled by "trapping" may cause such text to be blurry.
  • Versions 5.5 and older should save the file as a TIFF with LZW Compression turned off.

Click here for very important notes on color