Microsoft Office product instructions

  • We can open Microsoft Publisher and Word files from up to Office 2003. If we do not have the font, then we can not print from it. See preferred alternatives below.
  • We can print full color (4-color process) from these files in most cases. All general file specifications need to be followed (resolution, color mode, margins, page size, etc.).
  • Extra fees apply to prep these native files - starting at $10 - if you can not generate a PDF, or TIFF.
  • Create PDF file, if possible, using these Distiller settings to avoid our Microsoft $10 processing fee.

A blank Publisher business card template from version 2003 is available for download.

From Publisher, you should print as a PDF if you have an acceptable PDF print driver capable of 300 dpi output for your images. Otherwise, we recommend that you do a "save as" and change the file type to a TIFF (Tag Image File Format). Once you select this format, the resolution option is made available. Click the resolution button and change it to 300 dpi. Now you can save your file in a format that we can print from. Note that all graphics and type will be rasterized at 300 dpi and will no longer print as sharp as they would if they were still in a vector format. This is especially noticeable in small type.

Click here for very important notes on color