InDesign instructions

A blank template for a 4-color business cards is available for download

We accept files from Adobe InDesign.

  • "Color settings" in all Adobe programs should be set to "North American Prepress 2" when designing for offset printing.
  • Create a new document with the dimensions of the final page size. ie. 3.5" x 2" for business cards.
  • For multiple sets of business cards or postcards, use only one document and place each set on a different page.
  • If you have bleeds, extend them beyond the edge of the page by at least 1/8".
  • Use CMYK process colors instead of RGB or spot.
  • For larger black areas, set the color for the black as follows: C=40%, M=40%, Y=20%, K=100%.
  • Export a PDF using "Press Quality" PDF presets with a modification on the "marks and bleeds". Select crop marks and add 0.125" to the bleed fields (if you have bleeds). Don't select "Use Document Bleed Settings".
Click here for very important notes on color.