Illustrator instructions

Blank templates for 4-color business cards are now available for download

  • We can accept PC and Mac files from Adobe Illustrator.
  • Set your artboard size to the trim size. i.e. 3.5"x2" for business cards
  • Design with bleeds beyond the artboard by 1/8".
  • Make sure that all linked graphics are included with the Illustrator file or embedded.
  • Be sure to convert all colors to process and the document color mode to CMYK
  • Convert all text to outlines in the type menu.
  • Print out your own separations to check for un-intentional overprints or turn on overprint preview.
  • If you have a large black area, set the color for the "support" black as follows: C=40%, M=40%, Y=20%, K=100%. Do not set regular sized text to "support" black
  • Flatten all tranparencies
Click here for very important notes on color