Illustrator instructions

Blank templates for 4-color business cards are now available for download

  • We can accept PC and Mac files from Adobe Illustrator up to version 15 (CS5).
  • Set your page size to the trim size and include 1/8" bleeds when appropriate. (your artboard size must be large enough to include the bleeds)
  • Make sure that all linked graphics are included with the Illustrator file or embedded.
  • Be sure to convert all colors to process and the document color mode to CMYK
  • Convert all text to outlines in the type menu.
  • Do not do trapping unless you know what you're doing.
  • Print out your own separations to check for un-intentional overprints or turn on overprint preview.
  • Cutting will take place as indicated by the page size, but creating crop marks using the filter menu at the trim size is helpful if your bounding area is not symetrical.
  • If you have a large black area, set the color for the "support" black as follows: C=40%, M=40%, Y=20%, K=100%. Do not set regular sized text to "support" black
  • Flatten all tranparencies
  • Save as an Illustrator EPS file, and postscript level 3 if possible.
Click here for very important notes on color