Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where do I find pricing or get a custom quote on a project?
A1. Because of the many variables in the specifications of a job, we can't publish all possible combinations. However, we've attempted to price many of the standard combinations. If you don't find what you're looking for send us a quote request.

Q2. What's your in-house turnaround?
A2. Maximum turn-arounds are listed on some items. Due to the nature of gang runs on full color cards, these items may ship sooner than expected. Some items, like catalogs, require extra post-press work which can add to our normal turn-around. Ask us about your special rush requirements. Sometimes, if the conditions are right, next-day service might be available!

Q3. What kind of printing do you do?
A3. We print offset lithography in both full color (4-color process) and spot color (Pantone PMS). Digital printing is available on select products.

Q4. What type of equipment do you use?
A4. We strive to produce top quality products quickly and efficiently. Therefore, by having a workflow which is entirely digital, it minimizes the time and expense wasted in the traditional print shop which uses film or polyester plates. We print using a Heidelberg offset press for most of our printing. The press utilizes a CPC (computer print control) for remote ink-key setting and remote registration ajustments.The plates for the press are output direct from your digital file (bypassing archaic film process) to our CTP platesetter with internal register pin punching for ultimate on-press registration.

Q5. What does "CTP" mean and why is it better than using old-school film separations?
A5. CTP is short for "Computer To Plate". Many printers still use the old style of making plates by first producing film from an imagesetter. There are many variables which adversely affect the quality of the final dot on the conventional printing plate. The CTP process eliminates many of these variables associated with film and their inherent potential for problems of film stretch, film-based dot-gain, mis-registration, over-/under-exposure.

Q6. How can you offer full color printing so inexpensively?
A6. We are a modern shop with skilled people who work efficiently. Because the pre-press departmet is entirely digital and uses CTP technology, we can eliminate much of the overhead and inefficiencies that many shops are burdened with. Also, by combining products on a press run that have similar characteristics (gang runs), we let you share the overall costs of printing with other customers.

Q7. How do I submit my artwork/photos/information for printing? What type of programs or files do you accept?
A7. First, you need to fill out an order form on our website. Submitting files is easy and can be done through our file transfer page accessible from the order form, or on disk through the mail. See our list of acceptable programs and file types. Design and typesetting services are available at modest rates if you need to send us artwork or incomplete files for setup.

Q8. How do I pay for my printing?
A8. All printing is prepaid prior to any work. We accept all major credit cards, company checks, cashier's checks, and money orders. All first time orders are pre-paid. An account may be opened with repeat customers upon approval of a credit application.

Q9. I'm a printing reseller, and am interested in wholesale pricing. What do you have available?
A9. You'll need to fill out the form at and get your information into our database. You will then be e-mailed with instructions on how to access special wholesale prices on our website. We have awesome wholesale prices on full color printing if you can provide us with press-ready files.

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