General file specifications

Specific program instructions:

Adobe InDesign 
QuarkXPress up to 9.5
Adobe Photoshop 
Adobe Illustrator 
Microsoft Publisher and Word (native Microsoft files have a $10 processing fee)

Blank templates for 4-color business cards are available

    Click here for very important notes on color

    Prepping File

    1. We accept either Mac based or compatible PC files.

    2. List of accepted programs and file formats click here
      NOTE: Text that is raster-based will be "screened" or "half-toned". For best results on text, it should be typeset in one of the vector-based programs we accept.
    3. The effective resolution of raster based images must be 300-350 dpi.
    4. The effective resolution of line-art needs to be 1200 dpi.
    5. All colors and graphics must be converted to either process CMYK or grayscale (not RGB or spot color) for 4-color process printing, and spot color (not CMYK or RGB) for spot color printing.
    6. Bleeds must be 1/8".
    7. Maintain a 1/8" margin from the trim edge for critical text.
    8. Large black solid areas should have the CMYK percentages of 40% Cyan, 40% Magenta, 20% Yellow, and 100% Black.
    9. Outlining text might be required if submitting a native file from a PC.
    10. Include all applicable fonts and linked graphics in the folder with your file.