Color and proofs
We print to industry standard ink SWOP densities and match to "pleasing color". Ink density is measured via a spectro-densitometer to reach target density. The digital presses are color calibrated regularly.

DO NOT proof for color accuracy on your monitor, or from a local color print. No color proofing method is 100% accurate. Remember, the most accurate way of proofing an offset print job is to do a press-proof, which requires the press to be plated and setup for a production run. The cost for press-proofs start at $275. Proofs for digitally printed jobs are available. Please contact us for options.

The PDF proofs that are e-mailed to you are for composition and general color proofing only, and not for purposes of proofing the color. Newer professional versions of Adobe Acrobat allow you to preview separations and overprinting - even do preflighting. We recommend that you do a thorough job of reviewing your original artwork and compare it to the proof.

Carefully proof-read your proof, especially if we re-typeset anything. Your approval represents the job is ready for printing. No cancellation or changes can be made after the proof approval is given without incurring addtional fees to cover the production costs to that point in time.

Defect and mistakes
If there is a mistake with your order, due to our error, we will reprint the order at no charge, unless other arrangements are made. You have 5 calendar days after receipt of your order to inspect the order and make a written claim for any and all defects. Claims made after 5 calendar days will be reviewed, and might be reprinted at a reduced original price. Any product which warrants a reprint at our expense, may require its immediate return at your expense.

Claims against inappropriate color will be reviewed using a "pleasing" or "reasonable" standard against our color proof and/or density readings on the press-sheet.

We are not responsible for any shipping costs, custom charges, or duties for shipments made inside or outside of the continental United States on original orders or reprints.

All printing or related services are non-refundable.

Color Corrections
If you ask us to make color corrections to a file that you've supplied, it is done at your own risk. Due to the subjective nature of color correction, we will not be held responsible for improper interpretation of your instructions, or be held responsible because your expectations were not met.

Cutting limitations
Cutting is performed on a computerized guillotine cutter. Approximately 250-500 press sheets are cut with each drop of the knife. Several factors can affect the final accuracy of the cut (ie. paper stretch through the press, paper bounce through the press, pillowing in the lift, etc.). Because of these factors, printers require a "bleed area" and a "safe zone". We require 1/8" on both the bleed area and safe zone. Not following these requirements may result in less-than-satisfactory cutting results - of which we cannot be held responsible. Frames or borders as design elements are not recommended because of these limitations.

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