CorelDraw instructions

Templates for 4-color business cards are now available for download

  • We support native file versions up to 11.0 and EPS files with text converted to curves from any version.
  • The page size should be equal to the final trim size (i.e. a business cards should have a page size of 3.5" x 2")
  • Bleeds should be 1/8" beyond the page size
  • Margins for text and/or critical artwork should be 1/8" inside of the trim size.
  • Convert all fonts to curves.
  • Convert all colors to CMYK or grayscale.
  • Import photos and art..."copy and pasting" produces inferior results.
  • Correct resolution is 300 dpi for raster-based images like photos, but 1200 dpi for B&W bitmap images.
  • If you're using a large black area (not normal sized text), set the color for the black as follows: C=40%, M=40%, Y=20%, K=100%.
  • Set a box around the page size with a stroke of "none" unless you have a bleed. If you have a bleed set the box 1/8" outside of the page size. This helps us position your artwork for proper cutting.

Optional saving instructions to improve proofing time:
We support up to version 11 in the native format, but to increase the speed at which you receive the proof, you can export to a Encapsulated PostScript format if you're certain you have it set up right from any version. We can make some changes to native .cdr files at $10 each, but EPS files can not be edited, and a resubmission will cost $30.

  1. Export as Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)
  2. Use "selected only" if you're sure you have everything selected
  3. Header should be a 72 dpi TIFF or PICT
  4. Bitmap images should be set to "CMYK" (this does not convert RGB images properly if you haven't already done the conversion)
  5. Fountain steps set to "256"
  6. Text set to export as "curves"
  7. If you have multiple pages, a file will be generated for each page. Rename the files appropriately ie. xyz_front.eps, xyz_back.eps

Click here for very important notes on color.