Spot Color Printing
Announcements Cards

When we get approval on your layout or receive your camera ready artwork before 12 noon MT, the following in-house turnarounds for raised printing are offered:

  • announcements:1 day for black ink; 2 days if color ink; 3 days if printed 2 sides
  • labels ready to ship: 2-5 days

Labels on a roll (die cut)
Labels on sheets (die cut and individually cut on crack-and-peel)

Call or e-mail us with your shape and size needs and we'll supply you with pricing.
We can also print 4-color process labels.

Announcement Cards
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All cards come with their own matching unprinted envelopes
Margins: 1/4", 1/2", or 3/4" depending on the style of card

Card Name and Actual size:

  • 4 Baronial (4 7/8" x 3 1/2") - For brief announcement or as a reply enclosure with Embassy Folder or Card.
  • 5 1/2 Baronial (5 1/2" x 4 1/4") - Folder is a popular style for business or professional announcements, while the card style is for informal announcements or invitations.
  • Embassy Folder (6 5/8" x 5") - For formal announcement or invitations. For RSVP reply enclosure, use #4 Baronial Folder
  • Embassy Card (7" x 5 1/8")  - For semi-formal business announcement or initiations.
Availability Chart ("Y"indicates yes and "N" indicates not available) - call or e-mail for pricing
  • Prices are available in quantities starting at 100.
  • Blank envelopes are included at no additional cost.
  • Printing on the outside and inside of the folder cards is available, with one of the sides in flat print.
  • Printing on the supplied envelopes is also available.
Announcement Name Style Vellum
Soft White
Vintage Gray
Embassy Folder Paneled Y Y Y Y Y N
Plain Y Y Y Y Y Y
Embassy Card Paneled Y Y N N N N
Plain Y Y N N N N
5 1/2 Baronial Folder Plain N N Y Y Y N
with slits for 
Business Card insert
5 1/2 Baronial Card Paneled Y Y Y Y Y N
Plain Y Y Y Y Y N
4 Baronial Folder Paneled Y Y Y Y Y N
Plain Y Y Y Y Y Y
4 Baronial Card Paneled Y Y Y Y Y N
Plain Y Y Y Y Y N

Custom Service Charges
Special PMS colors can be specified, and cost $80.00 per ink/per order.
2nd side printing (flat ink) = available on folder announcements, and priced according to quantity and number of inks.

There are 16 standard ink colors including black
These color samples are representational only, and do not represent the true color.
Refer to a Pantone® swatch book to view the accurate color.
Shade of color, and degree of raise will vary with stock used.

  1. Black
  2. Red PMS 185
  3. Reflex Blue
  4. Burgundy PMS 221
  5. Process Blue
  6. Gray PMS 423
  7. Brown PMS 469
  8. Green PMS 355
  9. Gold PMS 873 (not representational on a monitor)
  10. Silver PMS 877 (not representational on a monitor)
  11. Pink (Rhodamine Red)
  12. Teal PMS 321
  13. Hunter Green PMS 568
  14. PMS Purple - allow 5 working days
  15. PMS Orange 021 - allow 5 working days
  16. PMS Yellow - allow 5 working days